19 December 2013

De Vuurproef, Het Spoorwegmuseum to receive Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement from Themed Entertainment Association

Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement - 4D Simulator, Limited Budget:
De Vuurproef, Het Spoorwegmuseum, Utrecht, Netherlands

Het Spoorwegmuseum (The Railway Museum) is a unique museum in the heart of Utrecht, Netherlands, that offers guests a multi-sensory experience through the history of the Dutch and European railway tradition. Fully themed exhibitions, stage shows and even rides are part of the museum's inventive ways to engage and entertain guests during their stay. De Vuurproef (“The FireTest”) is a new 4D simulator attraction that offers guests a fully-themed, family-oriented experience.

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Evelien Pieterse
Representing De Vuurproef
at the 2014 TEA Summit

on Thea Case Studies Day, April 4:
Evelien Pieterse, Project Leader
A native of Amsterdam, educated in History at the University of Amsterdam and Museology at the University of Leiden, Ms. Pieterse was educator/curator at Museon in the Hague from 1992-2005. Since 2005 she has been with Het Spoorwegmuseum (Dutch Railway Museum) where her current title is Exhibition Coordinator.

Paul van Vlijmen
Director, Het Spoorwegmuseum (Dutch Railway Museum)
Paul van Vlijmen
Educated in Art History at the University of Utrecht, Mr van Vlijmen has been with Het Spoorwegmuseum since 1987, beginning as Curator and becoming Director in 1990. He is a member of the Board of the Dutch Museum Association, Chair of the Stichting Utrecht Museum Quarter, on the Supervisory Board of Drenthe Museum (Assen) and on the Board of Theater Kikker (Utrecht).

Guests in the queue are divided into four groups that are linked to a number before entering a themed
waiting room full of vintage railway artifacts. Each number corresponds to painted numbers on the floor in the pre-show. Based on these numbers each guest is assigned to a task that has to be fulfilled during the simulation. After seeing the instruction movie, guests continue into a dimly lit space, where they enter one of four richly themed Jules Verne-esque locomotives. In these motion-base locomotives, guests experience a high-speed journey through many different habitats and time periods. At certain moments during the simulation, participation by the guest, such as speeding up or slowing down the train, influences the simulation when a specific task is mentioned. The entire project was created on a limited budget.

This museum attraction demonstrates true excellence in design and execution. Highly detailed finishes and props, ambient lighting, special effects and media, make for a rich and visually very consistent experience. It successfully engages the public in a way not usually seen in museum attractions. The thrill and excitement experienced by fully engaging visitors is akin to a theme park experience, while also reinforcing the message of the railway museum at the same time. While entertained, visitors experience the responsibilities of being at the controls of a powerful locomotive.

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