19 December 2013

Enchanted Tales with Belle (Disney's Magic Kingdom Park, Orlando) to receive Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement from TEA

Enchanted Tales with Belle. Photo: Disney. More photos
Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement - Participatory Character Greeting:
Enchanted Tales with Belle
Magic Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando, Florida USA

In this interactive story adventure in the Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Fantasyland expansion, guests (especially children) are invited to act out the story of Beauty and the Beast, along with characters Belle, Madame de la Grande Bouche and Lumiere the candlestick.

Entering through the cottage home and workshop of Belle's father Maurice, guests are transported though a magic mirror to the Beast's Castle. Once there, guests participate in a role playing reenactment of the story that combines a deceptively simple, low-tech participatory theater format with sophisticated and technically impressive effects and animation. The Magic Mirror effect as well as the Audio-Animatronics figure of Lumiere, the candlestick, are in the highest tradition of groundbreaking Disney Imagineering.

At the conclusion of the story, each member of the "cast" as well as other audience members has the opportunity to pose for a personal photograph with Belle.

The participatory nature of the retelling of the story is surprisingly impactful, allowing children (and even adults) to imagine themselves in the story. The interplay between incredibly simple costumes and props on the one hand, theatrical effects, animation and lighting, as well as a live interplay with "Belle" create a truly unique invitation to suspend disbelief which will create memories many kids will carry with them for a lifetime.

What might have been a basic meet-and-greet photo opportunity has been elevated to a charming, imaginative and immersive experience, both for the guest who plays a role in the story and the rest of the observing audience. It is a creative blend of excellent design, imaginative interactivity and technical wizardry.
This is far more than the typical character greeting experience. Disney has reached back to its storytelling roots and created an experience that is intimate and personal in its connection to the guests ,while being slyly supported by truly state-of-the-art effects and animation wizardry. While it may have been tempting to focus on more contemporary theatrical media and technology to create this experience, the daring use of absolutely simple storytelling and playacting (with background of Imagineering wizardry) creates a much stronger and more personal connection than a more programmed experience.

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