19 December 2013

The Mind Museum (Philippines) to receive Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement from the Themed Entertainment Association

Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement - Science Museum:
The Mind Museum, Taguig City, Philippines

The Mind Museum is the Philippines’ first world-class science museum. The museum features 4,900 square meters of interactive science and technology exhibitions within five major galleries and outdoor spaces. With over 250 interactive “minds-on” and hands-on exhibits, the museum presents science in a creatively unique, entertaining, and engaging way.

Representing The Mind Museum
at the 2014 TEA Summit

on Thea Case Studies Day, April 4:

Maria Isabel Garcia (Curator) is passionate about promoting the public understanding of science. Her books, “Science Solitaire: Essays on Science, Nature and Becoming Human” (2006) and “Twenty One Grams of Spirit and Seven Ounces of Desire: Measure and Meaning” (2010), each won the National Book Award. Joining the Bonifacio Art Foundation Inc. in 2007 to help conceptualize The Mind Museum, she has been part of the whole process through to the present day.

Visitors are welcomed by thematic sculptural gardens and wide-open spaces prior to entering five expansive galleries. The Lobby, the Introductory Hall, the Ten Most Beautiful Experiments, and the Hall of Philippine Science all serve to initiate the visitors’ museum experience.

The Mind Museum. More photos
The five galleries are organized around five stories about the collective wondering and understanding of nature through art, technology and science. The galleries are connected by crucial links dubbed as Nature’s Webways. The beautiful rendered passageways feature a variety of specialty lighting, audio-visuals and artistic exhibits to help visitors make the transitions from one to another of the intricately woven stories of the galleries.

This museum demonstrates true excellence in design and execution. Working with a US firm to master plan the museum, well over 90% of the exhibits were designed and fabricated by Filipino designers, scientists and fabricators, making it uniquely theirs. Each gallery setting is creatively themed and masterfully represented. The thematic thread and artistic treatments throughout the museum is what makes this project extraordinary by any standards.

In bringing their stories to life, the Filipino designers and artists went the extra step in expanding science into a fully experiential world, creating unusual scale, playful details and interactivity throughout. This world-class design combined with sensory-rich experiences make The Mind Museum a truly outstanding achievement in the museum category.

About the Thea Awards
The Thea Awards, sponsored by Economics at AECOM, were created by the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) to help realize a key mission of the association: bringing recognition to achievement, talent and personal excellence within the themed entertainment industry. From a modest beginning in 1994, the Thea Awards have become internationally recognized as a symbol of excellence. The public is welcome to attend the black-tie 20th Annual Thea Awards Gala, which will be held April 5, 2014 at the Disneyland Hotel, Disneyland Resort, Anaheim Calif. USA. Tickets may be ordered online at teaconnect.org