23 February 2014

TEA Summit 2014 Day One program: "Sourcing Solutions"

Pat MacKay, Summit co-chair
Sourcing Solutions:
Innovation happens 
at the intersection 
of Insight, Instinct, 
and Economics 

Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) Summit Day One 
April 3, 2014
Paradise Pier Hotel, Disneyland Resort

TEA Summit Day One: Executive Master Class (April 3) is for top-level executives, owners and operators. This event is nearly sold out. Reserve your tickets now.
Roberta Perry, Summit co-chair

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TEA Summit Day One schedule
7:45-8:45 am 
Continental Breakfast & Check-in

8:50 am 
Welcome with Summit Co-Chairs Pat MacKay & Roberta Perry

Jill Bensley
9:10am Kick-off session:
The $1.1 Trillion Market That You Need to Design For

Jill Bensley, JB Research
NormaLynn Cutler, CutlerEnterprises

They've done the research, have the numbers, and have a lot of product solutions to share for the next big market: Baby Boomers as grandparents - along with their children and grandchildren.

With over $1.1 Trillion of spending power annually the Baby Boomer Grandparents are the growth market. 

10:00am Peer Group Solutions
NormaLynn Cutler
with Linda Feinholz, consultant & business breakthrough specialist

Overworked and Overwhelmed? 
Finding yourself constantly facing the same dilemma, whether it's internal to your company or a specific client, or endemic to the industry? 

Let’s see if we can find a way out of the box. Linda's expertise is helping businesses identify what their goals are and how to go about getting where they want to be. We will be working with questions, topics and themes submitted by the attendees to develop new and fresh approaches to our standard operating procedures.

Linda Feinholz
Linda Feinholz, adviser to entrepreneurs, will lead the discussions toward solutions.

(Each person who signs up for Day One of the Summit receive an email asking them to contribute - anonymously - one nagging, gnawing, pressing business issue they'd like to be able to solve. The session leaders will tabulate the results looking for trends and come to the Summit with that information.)

11:00 am Coffee Break

11:15 am Hiring Right to build your team…and fit your style.
With Camille Jenkins, recruiting specialist
Your staff and their unique talents are your most important asset. Are you recruiting right? Are you fishing in the same pool of freelancers that everyone uses or are you hiring and training to keep your team fresh and unique?
Camille Jenkins
Drawing on her 20+ years of recruiting experience, Camille Jenkins will share wisdom and answer questions. She'll help TEA members identify their company’s point of differentiation - and how to hire to build your team to get the job ..and get the job done.

12:00 noon Lunch Buffet
Marty Sklar book signing (copies of “Dream It! Do It! My Half-Century Creating Disney’s Magic Kingdoms” will be available to delegates)

1:05 pm What’s on the Horizon for the TEA!
TEA President Christine Kerr of BaAM Productions
Jennie Nevin, TEA COO

1:20 pm  
John Robinett

Market/Business Trends: 
The Life & Times of Global Attractions

Fragile 5, BRICs and MINTs: 

What the global economic news means to you and your business

China’s still busy. Latin America is bubbling around. The Middle East has come back strong. The economics experts from AECOM will break down the major market economic factors that are driving our industry - today and tomorrow.

John Robinett, Brian Sands, and Linda Cheu of AECOM will present.

2:30 pm Coffee Break

Cynthia Torres
2:45 pm Getting the most out of the US Department of Commerce/ International Trade Administration
Cynthia Torres, Team Leader of USDOC/ITA/CS-Los Angeles 
When you're part of a niche market like the Themed Entertainment Industry, negotiating through export.gov can be a daunting task. But ignore it at your peril! Get those credit references and run the
background checks before you head to meet with that foreign client. Learn about in-country support services to help you identify the players you should be meeting. Cynthia Torres demystifies who’s who and what they can help you with.

3:30 pm The Export-Import Bank
Marianne Hughes, Export-Import Bank of the United States
Exporting your services is what our government wants to help you do. Services create the US trade surplus. They are here to help. And did you know about their insurance policies? Ms. Hughes joined Ex-Im Bank in 2001; she focuses on working with exporting firms, financial institutions, and partners in the Los Angeles County area and the State of Arizona.

4:15 pm Coffee Break

Moises Cisneros
4:30 pm The Small Business Development Center’s International Trade Development program

Cisneros is retained by the Santa Monica Small Business Development Center to deliver business financial planning and global strategic mentoring to area companies. Recently, the Santa Monica College Office of Workforce & Economic Development also secured Cisneros to produce year round, high caliber business forums to educate entrepreneurs about innovative trends impacting their industries.

5:15pm Wrapup: 
Linda Feinholz returns to help us figure out what we learned what the next steps are for all of us.

5:45 pm Conclusion with Pat MacKay and Roberta Perry

6:00 pm No-host bar and great conversation in the foyer